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Filter Bags

Filter bags are utilized for removing solids from waste water and solid particles suspended in gases. These are widely used in the treatment of many different types of water, including industrial process water, ground water, waste water, and cooling water.

RABH Filter Bag
An essential part of industrial air pollution control systems is RABH filter bags. The purpose of these high-performance filter bags is to selectively absorb and eliminate airborne contaminants such as dust and particulate matter from industrial exhaust gases. They are precisely built to satisfy the needs of various sectors.
Filter System Spares

Filter system spares play a significant role in the treatment of waste water in numerous industrial purification systems. To ensure the effective operation of purification systems, the spares are changed out for obsolete and damaged components.

ID Fans

ID fans are mostly used in manufacturing sectors to force flue gases out of the vent. These are set up in between the ESP outflow and the chimney intake. By producing negative or suction pressure, these brilliantly assist in controlling boiler furnace pressure.

Spares of Pulse Jet Bag Filter System

Spares of pulse jet bag filter systems are used to stop airflow between two compartments. They have several uses, including in scuba diving equipment and space suits. Spares of pulse jet bag filter systems are integrated with a valve body, a seal, and a housing with two chambers.

Spares of Electrostatic Precipitator

Spares of electrostatic precipitators are mostly utilised in textile factories in addition to in the paper, tobacco, and other industries. These are devices that move air in a space. Spares of electrostatic precipitators can be utilised for applications requiring clean air as well as pneumatic transport of fibres and dust.

Support Insulators

Support insulators are widely used in many electrical devices to support and separate electrical conductors without blocking the flow of current through them. They have strong mechanical properties that help them work well even in challenging circumstances with flow distances up to 36 mm/kV.

Bag Supporting Cages
Bag supporting cages are dependable and adaptable storage options made to assist you in maintaining organization over your possessions. These creative cages are designed to provide different kinds of bag support and structure, keeping your belongings tidy and accessible.
Pleated Cartridge Filters

Pleated cartridge filters are appreciated for providing a higher level of filtration which enables the filter to cover a wider surface area. They can be utilised in many different HVAC systems. Pleated cartridge filters are intended to eliminate airborne pollutants like dust, pollen, and mould spores.

Pulse Jet Bag Filter System And Spare

Pulse jet bag filter systems and spares eliminate dirt and dust from the internal filter media's surface. These are integrated with bags that are utilized to capture dust and other airborne particles. Pulse jet bag filter systems and spares are comprised of a porous substance that retains particles while allowing air to pass through.

Cartridge Collectors

Cartridge collectors can be used in a wide range of situations, including those involving electronic equipment, the usage of flammable liquids, and the presence of explosive dusts. These are used to filter out dust and other airborne contaminants.

 Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters can be found in manufacturing, production, agriculture, welding, metal and other fabrication sectors on large scale. These are a particular kind of filter used to purify water or other liquids. Cartridge filters have a cylindrical shell with a porous interior makes up the product.

Pulse Solenoid Valve

Pulse solenoid valves have a solenoid which is used to control the flow of fluid. These are ideal for Cement, ceramics, paint, feed thermal power plants, concrete plants, detergent, glass, and the iron and steel industries.


Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary airlock valves are fabricated to control the flow of materials through an opening. These are frequently utilised in industrial settings where controlling materials through high or low pressures is necessary. Rotary airlock valves can sustain high pressures and are ideal for fluids of various temperatures.

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